This job was unusual by the nature of its size, it was completed in 2004 and was also the biggest and most complicated that we had taken on up to that time. The contract took approximately 8 months in total to complete.

We were commissioned to make a large Tudor style staircase and galleries in English oak to match the theme throughout the houseand  it would include hand carved detailing,typical of the period. Strap work carving on the main starting newel posts included a lion holding a scroll and on the opposite newel post a griffon. These carvings were two foot tall and sat on top of the main newels, which themselves were twelve inch square in section. The staircase main flight was erected in the workshop as a one piece construction and as such was a heavy lump.

It also involved some inspired thinking regarding the positioning problems during fitting on site, swaying from the ‘improved block and tackle system’. To give an idea of the size the hand rail profile dimension was eight by five inches being built in sections of four feet six inches in length and bolted together. The width of the staircase at the start was eight ft approximately and an interesting feature was the strap work detail on the faces of the risers and the elaborately carved balustrade.

The staining and finishing including the gold leafing of the strap work detail on the newel posts etc was done by a specialist contractor.

The end result was well worth the effort by all the team and the customer was very happy.