In 2004, we were asked if we could resolve a problem that in the original concept involved a cantilevered curving staircase in stone, ie – stone steps built into and supported at the wall.However this was not possible due to the upper section of the stair having no support ie – a section of the flight had to be self supporting, however the client that was determined that the concept was kept alive and so enter us!

The object was to create a staircase with no visible means of support, with no inner or outer string whilst of course maintaining a rigid and safe structure,particularly where the flight was flying through the air, so to speak. The construction consisted essentially of tapering box sections which are inter-connected with special internal steel bracketry with each connection hidden from view as they were independently joined.

Special provision was made to allow access to any of these connectors by removing a back moulding (underside of each box section tread) and any tightening of components if found ever necessary at some future time.

The whole stair was constructed and selected Oak and the finish a medium Oak colour hand waxed.

The end result was a success and importantly, the view of the underside was as visually pleasing as was the effect from above.