Creating beautiful traditional staircases

At White & Son we create beautiful traditional staircases. From simple staircases to highly elaborate, from straight flights to sweeping graceful curved staircases and traditional grand stairways, we design and build in the traditional manner, using technical geometrical methods, perfected 100’s of years ago.

We cater for all styles and periods, but particularly specialise in more complex traditional curved starircases and sweeping grand stairways. We create all our staircases to your exact requirements and take great care to ensure that we deliver truly elegant results with meticulous attentional to detail.

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Crafted stairways

The majority of our finishing work on our staircases is done by hand. By hand crafting our staircases, every product has a unique finish that you would not achieve with modern mass production techniques. It also allows us to incorporate every detail and requirement you desire and doesn’t limit us as to what we can produce.

Our staircases come in a range of designs, but with the advantage of our personalised services, we encourage your designs too. All our staircases are hand finished either with natural wax or a traditional French polish, with the colour and finishing matched to your specific requirements.

The geometrical staircase

The geometrical staircase is our main area of expertise and can incorporate complicated curves/sweeps – our staircase services are many and varied.

This traditional geometrical design incorporates the most graceful of curves & sweeps. A truly elegant creation that will look superb as a major focal point in your home.

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